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Features added since 1.1

Bug fixes:
- Copy and paste of empty clipboard crash
- Blurried "LW Texture" component
- Flipped (upside-down) VisualTexture pixel filter
- Fixed crash bug using the examine window (1.21)
- Fixed crash bug when pressing the ok/cancel button (1.21)

Features added:

New (1.24): Texture are rendered with bump map applied.

New IFW2_Interface (1.23):
When this component is added it picks up the output from the last IFW2
texture in the shader stack. The is good because you can use IFW2_VMAP
and therefore weight maps to control things inside VT (shader only).

World coordinates in the shader version
New component: Special FX -> Altitude
New component: Special FX -> ZBuffer
New component: Special FX -> Distance
New component: Special FX -> Fakely
New component: Special FX -> Skyline
New component: Special FX -> Slope
New component: Geometry -> Line
New component: Process->Bomber
New component: Gaussian Waveform
New look & feel with visible connected parameters (can be disabled with a new preference) (check the screenshot here under)
Changed the "Linked" button in the properties panel with "Linked: XXXX"