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VisualTexture allows any owners of Lightwave (tested on 7.x, 8) to create ther own procedural textures without the need to write even one line of code.

With VisualTexture you can create photo-realistic procedural textures and see directly, in real time, the results using VIPER or FPrime. VisualTexture is fully integrated inside Lightwave and comprises of 4 different plugins:

  • Color procedural texture
  • Percent (gray scale) procedural texture
  • Shader
  • Pixel filter

The whole concept behind VisualTexture is a tree based nodal system that allows you to link together different "components" (the main building blocks of the textures) and change their properties with easy to use panels. Our tool offers over 250 different components that will enable you to create all the textures you can possibly ever think of. Further more, VisualTexture can use Lightwave's own textures as a component so you will be able to integrate Lightwave and VisualTexture seamlessly.

We offer also a free VisualTexture renderer which enable everybody to work with the existing presets. The VisualTexture renderer has exactly the same quality as the normal VisualTexture but do not allows to modify the textures. The pixel filter is also not supported.

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It's extremely easy to create great procedural mixes with your product. I'm very happy I purchased it!
Greg Malick

VisualTexture is a joint venture between Alain Bertrand (creator of Amleto and Amelie) and Richard Jennings (creator of IFW2)

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