Procedual textures



With VisualTexture you can create photo-realistic procedural textures and see direclty in realtime the result using VIPER or FPrime. VisualTexture is fully integrated inside Lightwave and allows mix of Lightwave textures within VisualTexture and vice-versa.

Browse the VisualTexture preset library !

Amelie visual expression

Amelie is a visual language that will enable you to create motions, deformations, or even procedural textures. No programing knowledge is needed and you will not need to remembre thousend of strange names as every thing is controlled graphicaly with the mouse.

Procedural textures:

Our procedural texture plugins allow you to define every aspect of an object's appearance. Using them will allow you to create all kinds of surfaces from standard bricks to complex spaceship hulls with very little effort. Imagine being able to surface an entire mountain without using an image editing program.

Amleto Lightwave Network Rendering

Amleto is a network rendering tool that enables to render lightwave animations or single frames across multiple computers. It is intended to be as simple to use and setup as possible. You do not need to know mush about networks, instead we use our own file transfer protocol to share files between the computers.