Amleto is a network rendering tool that enables to render lightwave animations or single frames across multiple computers. It is intended to be as simple to use and setup as possible. You do not need to know much about networks, instead we use our own file transfer protocol to share files between the computers.

With Amleto you do not need to modify config files, setup shared drives, or install Lightwave on more than one computer. Everything will be done automatically for you. Check our install manual if you want to see exactly how simple it is to work with Amleto. If you want to check more in details what can amleto do for you, check our feature list.

Amleto is commercial software. You may freely download and try the full version for 14 days. To order an unlock key or see our prices please visit the order page. At the end of the trial Amleto will run in free mode which allow 3 nodes to be used. Some other functionalities are disabled as well.

Amleto 3.0 requires .NET 2.0. This can be freely downloaded from Microsoft: download here.

Amleto 3.0 is a free upgrade for all our existing customers.

Oct 21 2008 Amleto 3.0.6 Improved camera support, added remote cleanup, and fixed a few odd bugs.

Dec 1 2007 Amleto 3.0.5 Fixes troubles with some plugins, memory usage and number formats.
Oct 27 2007 Amleto 3.0.2 Fixes for LW 9 64 bit and added support for LW 7.5
Oct 20 2007 Amleto 3.0 Full rewrite and support for LW 9.3 and Vista.

In an interview with NewTek Europe, Gregory Glezakos says that Amleto is the easiest network solution available!