New feature added

New features in version 3.0

  • Full code rewrite
  • Complete support of Lightwave 9.3
  • More stable and more responsive in case of heavy load
  • Handle 32 and 64 bit installation (at the same time if required).
  • Server and clients can be installed as server
  • Multiple server interface (which control the same server) can be started
  • Multi-user
  • Lot more control over a LW scene directly within Amleto
  • E-Mail notification
  • Animation preview
  • Load / Save of scene setups.
  • Better auto-setup/install process.
  • Auto discovery of the nodes / server (via UDP broadcast)

Main features

No needs for special network knowledge

The only knowledge to have to know is the network name of the computer you want to use as the server.

Auto install

The first time the amleto client connects to the amleto server, it will automatically install Lightwave and all configured plugins.

Automatic configurations files setup

Amleto will automatically modify Lightwave .CFG files on hte clients for you in order to render correctly..

Easy to setup/install

The setup process should not take you more than 5 minutes. On the server you just have to specify Lightwave's path and on the client the IP address of the server.

Realtime update of available nodes

A node (or client) can connect or disconnect himself at any time. As soon as new nodes join the network, frames will be sent to them.

Easy to use interface

The interface is clean and should be strait forward for any Windows user.

Install procedure

Amleto is delivered with 3 different MSI files (Microsoft Installations files), which allows to setup either the client and/or the server with their graphical user interface or install the client and/or the server as services.

Web interface

You may access your Amleto server from every where. It's just a matter of starting a web browser ! You may for example start a render at work and see how it proceed from home.

Image preview

As soon as some client render images, you can preview them from within the Amleto server interface (via web or via the graphical user interface).

Detailed log of activities

Every single action made by amleto component are visible in a detailed but simple to read log. Error have even a different icon to enable you to see them faster.

Single frame across multiple clients

A single frame or image can be calculated by many nodes on the same time, this will allow you to render time consuming stills using all the CPU power you own ! A feature that Lightwave do not have by himself.

Block rendering

In order to speed up the loading time, instead of render on frame and then quit the LWSN, it's possible to render a block of frames in one shoot.

Unlimted clients on the same host

In case your clients have multiple CPU, you may start as many Amleto clients as needed on the same host.

Allow to change renders parameters

Without the need of starting Lightwave open a scene modify and save it, Amleto allow to change some parameters like Antialiasing, frame size, and render mode.

Free email support

We are so sure about the quality and easy to use of our software, that we provide lifetime free email support.

Network transfer

Amleto takes care to send the scene files accross the network for you. Therefore you don't need to create shares between your clients and your server, everything is handled for you by Amleto.

Redirect LWSN output

Our client redirect the output produced by LWSN in order to allow you to see exactly what is currently be done. It enable you also to trace LW errors.

LWSN priority control

Sometimes you need to continue to work on you computer and in the same time use spare CPU cycles to render, and some times you need the full speed. Well with Amleto you can choose how much priority you give to the rendering process.

Client and server may run as a services

On NT, 2000 and XP, the client and or the server can be installed as a services.

Smooth merging

Allow to smooth segments of frame in order to get better results with some scenes (for example radiosity or DOF).