Amelie is a visual expressions language for LightWave. It allows you to create complex expressions by using an easy visual editor. No need to remember complex syntax or strange formulae any more - everything is done using the mouse. Amelie even provides easy-to-use elements to perform complex operations like calculating the total distance travelled for an object, or simpler like its current speed. If you need more macros you may even define your own, so you can reuse parts and improve readbility.

Amelie works as a motion modifier, a channel modifier (graph editor), an image filter, and also as a procedural texture. The last option is useful for making deformations or changing the color of an object depending on its speed, for example.

Amelie works under Windows, MacOS 9 and MacOS X


  • 5 classes
    • motion modifier
    • channel modifier
    • procedural texture
    • image filter
    • pixel filter
  • 219 Elements
  • Real-time debugger
  • Integrated online help
  • Thumbview for easy browsing
  • Browse all expressions from one point
  • User defined elements
  • Vector and Scalar operations are transparent (same opperators)
  • User defined comments and title
  • Near as fast as a C plugin
  • Come with a 73 page PDF and a lifetime free support

We would like to thanks:

For porting to the Mac and additional ideas:
Richard Brak

For his time and additional ideas:
Ben Vost (from Newtek Europe)

I've had the opportunity to use Amelie and I think it's
amazing. The price is way to low IMHO....$49.00 is a
steal and if you create expressions it's a must have!
-- William "Proton" Vaughan --
-- NewTek's LightWave 3D Evangelist --

Amelie is an excellent piece of kit. Very very useful indeed. Alain and Stephen are also very responsive to suggestions to improve the plugin also. And for the price, it's an absolute steal. I haven't seen a plugin as well thought out and as well implemented as this one in quite some time.
-- Matt --

18 Jul 2006 V 1.42

  • Added mirror reflections vector

8 Sep 2003 V 1.4

  • Fixed Before/After IK Bug
  • Fixed bug when dealing with unexistent objects
  • Added pixel filter support
  • Added "Path Delay" element
  • Added Vector Direction elements
  • Added gaussian element
  • Added user comments
  • Added expression title
  • Updated the manual

29 Aug 2003 V 1.31

  • Added realtime debugger
  • Added vectors
  • Fixed a few bugs