About us

Behind Nodalideas.com there is 3 people who love programming, computer graphics, and hope to allow other people produce better art with their help.

Alain Bertrand
Born in 1973 at Geneva Switzerland, is main hobby beside his daughter, is computers. Started to program with Basic on a very old Sharp system at 12, now mainly program with C/C++ and PHP.
Contact: bertrand@nodalideas.com

Richard Jennings
Richard Jennings has created literary created thousands of different procedural textures and shaders for Lightwave, Darktree, Animation Master, Truespace and Imagine. The includes the world renowned IFW2 Textures.
Contact: rjj@nodalideas.com

Stephen Moody
Born in 1973 and living in Wales in the United Kingdom. Trained in Electronics and Programming and have developed many different systems
from custom designed embedded systems to large scale web database applications. Currently working as a developer for a company which
makes analytical instrumentation programming systems mainly in C/C++ and Assembly Language.
Contact: steve@nodalideas.com